The existing supermarket in central New Plymouth required a makeover to better reflect the revised aesthetic for the “New World” brand. The wish to enlarge the size of the Foodhall to give customers a better shopping experience was the motivation for the redevelopment of the existing supermarket. It was equally important that the merchandise preparation areas, storage and staff facilities were upgraded to allow staff to work efficiently, ergonomically and hygienically to assist in providing an improved service for customers. Extending the footprint of the building also allowed the supermarket to take on a new personality, one that exemplified the new aesthetic. Externally the cladding materials were selected to enliven the broad surfaces and provide contrasting colours and textures – schist, precast concrete panels with profiled surface, timber screens and smooth faced cement board cladding – creating patterns of shading throughout the day and further articulate the building’s faces. The new Entry, with it’s mass and extensive glazing provides customers with an inviting and obvious approach to the building. Internally the signage and colours chosen allow customers to easily identify the areas pertaining to the various sections and there was an emphasis on introducing a rustic charm to the shopping environment whilst showing off the nuts and bolts of how everything fits together.