Fairfax Wellington

The digital revolution is transforming businesses, and no more so than in the original print businesses that are transitioning to digital media. Tse Architects have recently designed and documented the new space for Fairfax Media in the Wellington Spark building. This was a great opportunity to design new collaborative settings that support the innovative way of working, supported by sound technology. We have assisted Fairfax to implement a ‘real time working’ workspace strategy that provides significant cost savings, creates the ideal work environment out of the existing, and drives the cultural change through a period of many challenges. Fairfax Media are recently recipients for Best Workplace in Asia Pacific for “Real Time Working” designed for “The Media Model,” Congratulations to the Fairfax EOW team, this has been a fantastic achievement. Tse are Fairfax Media’s single point of contact for all workplace Project Management and Architectural requirements throughout New Zealand.