When German medical health care supplier and manufacturer B|Braun decided to build a major new facility in Vietnam, their requirements and expectations exceeded that of a traditional manufacturing plant. B|Braun have a strong corporate culture and philosophy committed to providing the best working environment for employee s, the local culture, and the greater community, all in an innovative, efficient and sustainable manner. An important client requirement was to respect and reflect the traditional Vietnamese relationships between the building and elements of earth, water and greenery. In conjunction with the CPG Vietnam office and the client ’ s German architects Wilford Schupp, a contemporary interpretation of Vietnamese architecture was envisioned for the building. Key view shafts and large shaded areas of glazing provide views out to the landscaped parks and recreational facilities. The client ’ s tight deadlines, working between New Zealand, Vietnam and Germany, and the scale made this an exciting and challenging project . Tse Architects was responsible for: master planning, architectural design, structural design, and service design, and contract documentation, with CPG Vietnam overseeing the construction phase.